Currently, there are 22 million Facebook users in Bangladesh. You can use this huge population to do any kind of business.

You have the opportunity now. How you take advantage of this opportunity is a personal matter.

Currently, many boys and girls in Bangladesh are doing different types of business using social media.

Social media business you can create in one day. It will take time to take the business to a new level.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to do business using social media in Bangladesh.

  • Business Categore
  • Product Quality
  • Daily Update
  • Discount Offer
  • Patience

How to determine business for social media marketing in Bangladesh.

  • Unique Business idea I think the first condition for doing social media business is unique products. Starting an old business in a new way. I don’t think it’s a very difficult thing to start re-arranging old products.

    You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. An example: You bought a clay pot from the market. Now create designs on this clay pot and sell on social media.

  • Minimum Price We all know that price does not matter in case of unique products. But I would say, sell the product at a minimum price. If you sell a product at a much higher price then this customer will not want to buy the product from you later.

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Quality Product and Quality Service

Product and service quality is the key to a business. You can never do good business with worthless products.

In business on social media, the quality of the product needs to be better. You delivered a product to a customer but the product is not up to standard.

Then the second time that customers will not buy any other product from your store.

Daily Update States

It is important to keep the social media page updated every day. And keep 5,000 friends on your social media account.

Share what you update every day on your profile. Write on your business page about your business experience, expectations, future, etc. Try to attract the customer emotionally.

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Discount Offer For Your Service or Product

The product offering helps to grow the customer. Sometimes you can offer a discount. Remember that customer network in the strong point of your online business.

How to grow up social media Business in Bangladesh.

  • Time Value This time a person try to save her time in family member. So, A man or woman thinks about how to save her time. A spend more time for her family member. And Bangladeshi society grows up day by day. And it’s good to sign our society. So, what is the calculation? about Facebook Business. It’s good, better, and the best idea forever. Bangladesh people are buying products online it’s a good habit. Sometimes it increases our society.
  • Quality ServiceBangladish E-commerce business grown-up because the quality service or product. You think that people buy a dress, an electric product, the food at her house. Why people do this? Simple answer belief and be like.
  • Internet Speed Remember 2014 or 2015 we can’t see a single video in youtube. Everyone can try to see the youtube video but the video loaded and loaded. And that time we are not thinking to buy a product online. But time has to changes and we are starting. So, the fact is that internet speed is a major cast of online business. Our e-commerce business amount 900 crores in 2017 and 2017.

Business Patience

It’s an important subject in your business. Without patience, you can’t succeed in your life. Business success depends on two ways one way is honesty another way is patience.

Let’s you are starting a business on a social media platform. And the First day of business you think you can get an order. Dear, It’s wrong thinking, this time focus on your business page.

Social Media business starting point order

  • Daily Social Media Posting As a new business owner needs to post a daily social media platform about your product.
  • New Product Introduction every day introduce a new product with your customer. That’s why to increase your customer engagement.
  • Social Media Page Design Perfect business page describes your business values. Write an article about your product or service.
  • Information Related Post Which product best? How to use the product? How to find an original or duplicate product?
  • Advertisement It’s an essential part of your business. And your Facebook or social media advertising results depend on your decision. Without digital marketing knowledge, you can’t a better result in your social media advertisement.

Social media marketing helps to promote your content. But Content marketing achieves to fill up your target audience. Social media marketing is the best way to branding your product. Especially Facebook, YouTube is the most popular medium.

Most effective online Marketing ways

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