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Local SEO Services

Find a better solution for your business promotion with minimum cost. Also, we are committed to you for the best result. Local SEO Services

Local SEO Service Features

Local SEO Services Package Pricing

  • Total Keywords
  • Local SEO Research
  • Niche
  • Professional Google My Business Post
  • Optimize Google My Business
  • Bing Listing
  • Local Business Page Creation
  • Professional Blog posts
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Setup Charge
  • Facebook Content
Local Essential
  • 10
  • Yes
  • 30/Quarter
  • 4/Month
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1/Quarter
  • 1/Month
  • Yes
  • Free
  • 2/Month
Local Leading
Mini Advance
  • 20
  • Yes
  • 60/Quarter
  • 8/Month
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 2/Quarter
  • 2/Month
  • Yes
  • Free
  • 4/Month
Local Premium
  • 30
  • Yes
  • 120/Quarter
  • 16/Month
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 4/Quarter
  • 3/Month
  • Yes
  • Free
  • 8/Month

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We never give false assurances. We assure you of as much as we can for you. And it will work for you with White Hat SEO. We never do Black Hat SEO work.

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We never demand high costs. The work rate is determined by an accurate evaluation of our work. So you can communicate without any hesitation.

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    This time local SEO services in Bangladesh create popularity. And much new SEO agency is to create in Bangladesh. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the first thought of your online business. A lot of facts have an internet business but SEO the first work. Then work on business reputation, Branding, and advertising. Minimum 30% money all your online business budget invests in SEO work.

    Other ways your business can not make your business profit. So, create your own online business but take the marketing decision the right way. But You think that SEO is only one solution for an online business marketing solution, it’s wrong to think. Because digital advertising is a better solution for online business marketing.

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    Content List

    Google My Business And Local SEO

    Google’s page plays a vital role in Local SEO Service. Create a Google Business page and include all the whole information about your business. This page increases your local customer, selling, leads, and traffic. And Encourages your customer to review your online business.

    Google Maps

    Local SEO Services in Bangladesh

    We optimize your Google Maps business place and increase your search visibility. See the local result of “Best restaurant in Dhaka” the two types of result you see there, one is google maps location and customer review. And both result helps to promote your local business.

    Local Keyword Research

    Local keyword research is always different from the international keyword research system. And a local SEO agency knows which keyword is best for your business. Keywords that are used for local business are not used for international business. We do all kinds of local SEO service work according to your business, including choosing your keywords.

    Brand Awareness

    Local product branding and international branding both are different, but it easy to make local brands from international brands. For example, you have a restaurant in Dhaka city someone searches for a “good restaurant in Dhaka” Google shows the local search result and promotes your brand.

    Local brand marketing and international brand marketing are different. Let’s give an example, How to help local SEO for your local business?

    Ritu Have a restaurant and the restaurant website search result has to come on the top 10 results that are for everyone to know the restaurant name. And day by day increases the restaurant selling. This result possible for local SEO services in Bangladesh.

    Local SEO Growth

    Local SEO results in growth firstly from the webpage-related result. It’s very helpful for an internet business, basically local business. Google tries to find out the best result for your local query. For that, Google updates the algorithm for a local SEO search result. And You can’t have amazing how local SEO helps to grow your business.

    Increases Online Selling

    Local SEO increases your website visitors and increases sales. When local SEO works properly, your business’s brand is marketing as your website’s local customer base grows. To give an example, Ratan has come to visit Dhaka city and he does not know much about Dhaka city. And he is looking for a salon, for which he took the help of Google search engine. And did a Google search, “where there are good saloons nearby”. Google published addresses and mobile numbers on Google Maps, along with many search results. The sales you currently have will increase through local SEO services in Bangladesh.

    Technical SEO Audit

    There are two types of SEO, one technical SEO, two off-page SEO. If your website’s technical SEO doesn’t work properly, Google won’t be able to index it. And your website can’t be caroled properly. The technical SEO job is to manage the structure of your website, image compression, plugins, site map, robot tax, etc. properly.

    Content Writing

    The content of a website contributes a lot to the local business. No matter what business you have, having a website, and having content will increase the scope of your local business. For the scope of your business, you can do local digital marketing of your website locally. You need to write content depending on the topic of your business, which will help you get the lead of your business. However, creating Google My Business page and writing content for it.

    Social Media

    Social media means local business. You can do local business using just dimension social media if you want. There is no need to create a website in a different way. Ads companies use the platform for advertisement. In 2020, the number of people using the social media platform 3.81 billion worldwide. That’s why people are interested the promote the product through social media. Have some reasons for the promotion product like low cost, easy to the promotion, low-cost achievement, etc.

    Let’s talk about local product promotion or service. You have a private school owner, wants to promote your school admission via a poster, making, handbill, etc. Think about the cost of a manual promotion system. Now think the opposite promotion way like digital marketing system, low-cost and effective marketing.

    Why AONE Digital is the Best Local SEO Agency in Bangladesh

    Cost of Social Media Advertising

    • Cost of Graphic Designer $50
    • The Cost of Digital Marketer $30
    • Minimum Cost of Per day $2 

    Maybe you find our agency in two ways, first of direct sponsor or Google Search. Two reasons for referring our agency name, number one good service and know about our agency services category. Or she/he know clearly How our agency work.

    Our eCommerce Business Solution

    Before Creating a Strategy for Your Business

    • What You Want ?: SEO is not a master’s way to promote your product or service. We are finding the best solution for your business you want. For that, you will do your business but it is not if you want e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, content marketing, brand marketing, emotional marketing, etc. way to your business promotion. Find a better solution for your business category. And first through, what you want then we are discussing the whole subject.
    • Your Personal Choice of Marketing: We are discussing with you all about digital marketing ways. Then you choose what way is best for you, although we are suggesting.
    • Budget: Promotion budget is the basic fact of digital marketing or other services. We are finding lower-cost ways to promote your product or services ads.

    The Strategy of Local SEO Services

    Local SEO Strategy of Local Business

    Proper guidelines create the best performances for your business. Every time, we are trying to create the best marketing strategy for your local business. Different businesses, different strategy and we know how to create the strategy and how to start work with your business category.

    Target Audience

    Without customers, you can’t do anything for your online or offline business. Do you know how a shop attract customer? Customer attention is an essential portion for each shop, otherways have no meaning for that. Online and offline customer attention subject is not the same, here some different online to offline.

    In 2020, and minimum people search for a product, service on Google. Now, You target the people who find the service or product is online. Remember the AI method work on minimum time, then stop working that is true. We are targeting the local customer with Google keyword research or Google trends. I think this is the real way to find your local customer.

    Find the Marketing Solution for Your Local Business

    Advertisement media play a vital role in your business promotion. Agency work with you, this is the actual work of this agency, who work with you. Which media is best for you is the agency responsible. And we did the work very well. Because we know that what type of ads need for your product or service and which media.

    The wrong platform for your business promotion wastes your money. But the right platform helps to save your promotion money.

    Ads Type For Your Local Services

    Only local SEO is not the way to promote your local business. Digital ads are another way to promote your local business. So, this is your discussion on how to promote your business.

    Email Marketing: You have a buyer related business and want to promote your business. So, which ads category is the best to promote your website. We must be suggested promoting your business with email marketing.

    SMS Marketing: Maybe, you have a small shop in a town. And you have the best bond with customers and want the connection increases day by day. SMS Marketing is a strong way to develop a relationship with your customer. And the other hand, you also send the SMS to your customer for an offer, surprise, gifts, etc.

    Brand Marketing: Close your eyes, and think about your parent’s places, now tell me what his favorite restaurant. Have some name of your mind, which is the best restaurant in the places. Local brand marketing is the best way to boosting your local business.

    Emotional Marketing: Emotion is the way to connect with people’s minds. The best example of emotion is a movie, we are crying, laughing, sad, etc. Youtube video is the best way to understand the emotional ads. You are noticing that emotional ads never skip when we saw that on Youtube.

    Minimum Service Budget Get Maximum Profit

    Local marketing service costs and international marketing costs are so different. Your marketing area is not huge, so it is easy to cover with digital marketing. But the question is that, which way of marketing is best for your business, need to find first. Then you have to choose how to promote your services in your area.

    The marketing budget depends on your marketing strategy. If you choose a high through marketing way then the budget extends otherways, no need. But It is possible to find a better result of minimum cost. Need to survey the places where the marketing ads running and the strategy very helpful to take action.

    Marketing impact, this is the target of every single ad publisher. I think ads are art and I also believe in the ROI system. Have a word in all over the word basic work right-thinking makes a profit. So, don’t be foolish when everything in your pocket. Saving is a good habit for every single business or another topic. But at the same time, your target needs to propose.

    The Benefit of a Local SEO For Your Local Business

    Let’s give an example of a local beauty parlor, Who wants an extra customer for the beauty business. Now she/he thinks about how to gets many customers for an online business. Create an online store for the beauty business and do a local SEO for the beauty parlor. Otherways she/he creates digital ads for the business.

    Future Business Leaders: Start a small business in the local area and grow up day by day. And mostly local businesses flow on one local place two another place. Domino’s starts the business in the local area this time the business flow all over the world.

    Local Branding: People search a beauty parlor in the local area then find the store. Local popularity help to increases your product or service selling. Local Branding is a technic for local popularity.

    Long time Effect: International branding changes, local branding is not changing. If you think a local sweet store, the store is popular from you know about sweet and till now. Because of local branding, local SEO services in Bangladesh helps to create a long time effect for your business.

    Trust of Local Business: Without trust, you can’t build up your business. But you need to know how to build customer trust. Focus on those there three topic quality, marketing, behavior create your business trust.

    Have any information about local SEO service call us or contact us. We are helping you without any charge.

    Local SEO Ranking Factor

    • Google My Business Profile: GMB Account is necessary for local SEO. Without a GMB account, you can’t rank your business in Google. But You have no idea about Google my business account go to Youtube and search how to create Google my business account.
    • Links: Your online business website link to another website it’s very helpful for you website. Also, helpful if someone shares your website her social media profile. Create a great relationship with your customer because the relationship helps to promote your locally.
    • Reviews: The review is an important part of your local business. A good review helps to promote your local business. When people visit your store, please tell the customer to review in your online store. Also, people help review your site in the GMB account.

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