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Google Marketing

This time Google is a popular search engine all over the world.
That’s why Google is the best market place to promote your service or product. Best Google Marketing Service

How Google Marketing Work? Best Google Marketing Service

The name of the marketing is PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. Google AdWords is a website for PPC marketing. Anyone can do Google marketing but how well they can do it. If you do Google marketing without knowing the details, you will not get good results. There are many online courses (Udemy) on PPC marketing that will help you.

    The basics of Google Marketing are discussed below.

  • Keyword Research is an important part of PPC marketing. Different types of marketing tools are used for keyword research.

    But Google Keyword Tool is the best for me. PPC marketing will give you good results if you can choose keywords in a good way. And how successful your PPC marketing will depend entirely on keywords.

  • Advertising Title Let me give you an example on this subject. If you notice while reading the magazine, you will see that we start reading the details by looking at the title of the magazine. And this is true in all cases.

    We read the title of the story or novel before buying it. If you like the title of our story, let’s start reading. So, when you write or create a title for PPC marketing, it is definitely attractive.

  • Target Audience If you do not reach the target audience in the right way, your marketing will cost a lot of money. What is the target audience? When you want to sell a product it is definitely not for all classes or all types of people.

    Or you want to show your ad to a specific profession. In that case, you need to select the specified audience. Suppose you have an online shop for baby products. In that case, your target customer must be the father or mother of the newborn. Now if you select all types of customers you will not get good results.

  • Leading Page Design There are two possible reasons for this when you visit a website. You went to buy something or to find out some information.

    After entering a website, if you do not get all the information properly, it is normal to leave the website. So when a customer enters your website, it is important to keep in mind that the customer can easily collect information.

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Charges For Google Ads

There is no specific charge for Google Ad but there are some basic rules. Google’s advertising charges depend on keyword Destiny.

The more keywords a person searches, the more valuable they are. Or the keyword that people search for and buy products is charged more.

What is Keyword Destiny?

The keywords that people buy or service by searching on Google are more valuable.

And if you do PPC marketing targeting all these keywords, you will have to spend a lot of money on marketing. Let me explain the keyword destiny with an example.

Think ‍ Profit is a keyword and this keyword is searched on Google 10 times a day. Again, I think loss is a keyword and this keyword is searched on Google 20 times a day.

Now the question is which keyword has more destiny. Of course, Loss Keyword has more destiny. The more keywords that are searched, the more keywords will be destined.