How to Become a Google Certified Digital Marketer

Google Certified Digital Marketer [A to Z]

When you become a Google certified digital marketer then have a value of digital marketing job places. Today I am covering the whole process of how to become a Google certified digital marketer or digital marketing expert. So, dear let’s start to learn.

  • Why Become a Digital Marketing Expert?
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Decided Your Digital Marketing Courses
  • Sources Of Digital Marketing Courses
  • How to start live Practices?
  • Create a Portfolio or Resume
  • Design Your First Project
  • Promote Yourself as a Digital Marketer

Internet Marketing Expert or Best Digital Marketer

Although the present time is different, it is necessary to pay attention to many things at the same time. Because you can’t go too far with one thing. While the point is logically correct, it is not in all cases. Many of us do two things at the same time as listening to music and doing math.

But in all cases, you can’t do two things at once. As such you cannot take an honors degree in two subjects at the same time. According to the education policy of our country, it is not possible. But you can learn and read music at the same time again.

Now let’s come to the keyword why you need to be a digital marketing expert. Although digital marketing is a subject, it has many sub-subjects.

There are about 100 types of digital marketing including content marketing, SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing. Now you say that it is possible for a human being to acquire skills in all subjects.

So you have to determine any one subject and acquire knowledge up to that subject. And if you master a subject, you will have a reputation as a first-class marketer.

Determine the topic of digital marketing and start learning. Everyone will come to you to promote the related business that you choose.

Online Marketing Courses

There are more than 100 digital marketing courses. You need to decide what subject you want to take the course in. Things to keep in mind when deciding on a course First you already know about a subject.

It will be useful for you to be aware of both types of courses so that you can decide on a course that you already know. And you will learn something better very soon. If you have an older brother, you can learn from them.

Because I think learning something directly is better than learning online. If you want to learn by purchasing the course online, I will suggest Udemy. Udemy is a good online course platform.

If you take a course through google garage, Google will give you a certificate at the end of the course but after completing the course you will have to take part in the exam.

Sources of Digital Marketing Courses

  • The Blog is a popular medium for learning about any subject. It is usually important to find a blog on a topic so you can learn better. In this case, you can learn the advanced features of Google search.
  • YouTube Video Tutorial: YouTube video tutorials are a good platform to learn about any subject. Again, the continuity of learning something by watching YouTube videos is not found. My suggestion, in this case, is to start learning the work by purchasing a course because in this case, you will get a continuum of learning which is not possible to learn by watching YouTube videos.
  • Social Media Group: Once you have learned your work, join a social media platform related to your work. If there is any problem while working on a project, you can ask questions in the group.
  • Free Courses: If you want to do a free course, my personal suggestion would be Google Garage. You will get a free course orb certificate. And Google Garage every trainer is a professional expert. So if you can learn a course from Google Garage in a good way, you can introduce yourself as an expert.
  • Paid Courses: There are many good platforms for paid courses. You can learn by purchasing a course from either one platform or from a different platform.

Practical Work VS Google Certified Digital Marketer

After completing a subject course in digital marketing, you must do practicals. You will not be able to experience that work unless you do it practically. You want to work on local marketing.

In that case, you have to do any work of local marketing practically. And you have to be full of that. No matter how many certificates you have, no one will hire you if you can’t do a good job. You have to show that you can do the job very well.

If you want to be a digital marketing expert in a restaurant, you have to market any one restaurant and increase that restaurant sale. In that case, no restaurant may give you a job at first.

All you have to do is promote a free restaurant and increase the sales of that restaurant. You can take work from the market with an example of previous work.

Create Portfolio As an Online Marketer

There are usually two types of portfolios, one is social media related and the other is portfolio blog. But my personal decision is to create a blog.

Through this blog, you will be able to show your identity to the buyer all the issues of the scope of your work. You can create a portfolio of all the work you have done before.

Social Media Marketer Portfolio

Or you can create a resume on your work and send it to your buyer.

Design Your First Online Marketing Project as a Google certificated digital marketer

Every job needs to have a specific guideline no matter what the job is. Before you start a project, you must create a guideline for that work. The guideline will help you to get the job done easily.

It is important to do research for all projects, big or small. Research is important to know how to work with the profit aspect of a project in mind. You may not get the desired results if you start any work without research.

When you start a job with the research you will understand how to do the job.

Things to keep in mind when designing a project.

  • Adversity Campaign Category
  • Video or Banner Design
  • Target People/Customer
  • Cost
  • Content
  • Minimum Promotion date