Facebook Marketing Service in Bangladesh

Facebook marketing in Bangladesh

Best Facebook Marketing Agency In Bangladesh

This is the best time to promote your service and product. Facebook marketing service in Bangladesh

The Opportunity of Facebook Marketing

  • A lot more customers can be reached at a lower cost.
  • Customers can choose according to the type of your product or service.
  • Businesses can be started with little capital.
  • You can do business from any part of the world.

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The Strategy of Facebook Marketing Service

We believe that every task requires a specific skill. Work strategies are determined as each job is analyzed. Below is a discussion of how we do Facebook marketing.

Facebook marketing also part of the digital marketing service. And Facebook marketing helps to grow-up your website audience engagement. But digital marketing agency or SEO service agency helps to market your Facebook marketing strategy.

  • Researh Customer: I think before you start any business you must do research about that business. If you launch a product or service without research, the results may not be good. So your business will be researched depending on the category.

    Customer research will be based on your product or service. Because We know that without customer research you can’t determine the marketing budget or marketing skills of your product.

  • Custom Budget: When you do your customer research your marketing budget will be reduced by 50%. Because the marketing budget depends on your marketing area.

    In that case, when your marketing area is reduced, your marketing budget will be reduced a lot. We will create a custom budget for your business. This will save you a lot of money.

  • Target Audience Digital marketing is a platform where you can show your ad to the customer of your choice. And because of this, the marketing budget can be made much less. Let’s give an example. You have a cosmetic shop where you can find different products for girls between the ages of 20 and 35.

    Now if you want to do digital marketing of your store then you must want your ad to see the girls who are your customers. Because of this, your ad can be delivered to many customers at a low cost.

  • Select Ads Catagory: This category is a very important issue in the case of your Facebook ad. Your ad campaign will never give good results unless you decide what kind of ad your customer will like. Ad campaigns will depend on your product, service.

    You need to determine what kind of ad your customer likes to see. One thing to keep in mind.

    Facebook will take the ad of your product or service to the specified customer but it is your responsibility to convince the customer through that ad. Facebook does not have the ability to convince your customers in any way. And this is why many campaigns are not successful.

  • Target Goal And Achievement: The latest is how many sales you want through an ad or plan to make your target successful. This is not the reason why you should run a campaign because you are getting good results after a campaign.

    If you want to do business for a long time, you must promote your brand. Because it is possible to do business for a long time through brand promotion. You need to hire an agency to do brand marketing

Facebook Marketing Service Pricing

We provide good service at a very low cost. Check out our service packages and verify them with others.

Ad Campaign1234
Ad DurationCustomCustomCustomCustom
Like 10000 +/- Likes30000 +/- Likes55000 +/- Likes1 Lack
Total CostTk. 7,499 BDTTk. 19,499 BDTTk. 32,499 BDTTk. 59,499 BDT

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Facebook Content2 Content (Condition Apply)
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Benefit of Facebook Marketing

Don’t know how many active Facebook users in Bangladesh. Day by day the Facebook user incrementing in Bangladesh. So, Facebook media is the biggest platform for digital marketing advertisements in Bangladesh. Facebook marketing is a popular medium for more publicity at a low cost. To be successful in digital marketing, you must have a marketing strategy.

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