Emotional Marketing in Bangladesh

Emotional Marketing in Bangladesh

Emotional Marketing in Bangladesh. Emotional marketing is the power to the growth of your audience. And emotional marketing also helps your brand marketing. Political, sad, and happy Facebook posts lead to more engagement. And it’s happened more and more times. What type of ad you are select for your agency or company depends on your company category. Make sure your brand ad is related to your emotional ad.

Power of Emotional Marketing

You saw the ad for donations in tv media or online media. The donations campaign always create thought about emotion. And the donations campaign successfully work that way. Remember the ad of “My Father is A Lair“. Just think, how successfully work the campaign and the campaign fully viral in social media? That is the call of the power of emotional marketing.

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My Father Is a Lair Ads

Emotion For Changing Thought.

Viral a tv ad a few days ago and everyone seeing that. The ad story is a Hindu boy to Moulvi. Who tries to changes the thought about God perspective and this ad is virl all world. And the thought work on emotional very well. Emotion ads work on people’s bottom positions and they work on strongly.

Emotional ADS

Emotional marketing work on a different layer and different ways. Emotional marketing giving you the power to promote your brand. “Help Your Mother Discover a New World” Google ad slogan. Here some examples of Emotional Marketing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh telecommunication companies are making the ads of emotional bases. Name of companies GP, Robi, Banglalink, etc.

Emotion for inspiration story Ads

Inspiration story makes a powerful way to promote your brand. The story creates more audience engagement in social media or another platform. But choose the right story which is related to your company or brand. And storytelling is a big fact of emotional marketing. Which are the best places to publish your company ads? I think social media like Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.

Color of Emotional Marketing

You can’t imagine how colorwork on marketing strategy. Every marketing strategy colorwork in an important. Without the color combination, you can’t do anything. Your product marketing power depends on your product graphic 70 percent. And the color combination not only works on product marketing and food marketing or others.

The Five Commandments of Emotional Branding

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